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Packages and Updates


The functionality of XWord can be extended through packages. Examples of packages include:

To add, remove, or update extension packages, select Package Manager from the Tools menu. When XWord is run for the first time, the Package Manager will pop up and inform the user of available packages.


When XWord is started, it automatically checks for updates to the main program and for installed packages. This behavior cannot currently be changed, but if an update is ignored, XWord will no longer ask the user to install the update (though you will still be informed of future updates).

For Developers

Packages are written in the Lua programming language. While there isn't really any documentation on the package system, the XWord Debug package can be used to poke around. wxLua is included for GUI development, and bindings to the puzzle library written for XWord are included. Browse the puz and xword tables for available functions and methods. The lua libraries that are available for development are found in the scripts\libs directory.

Overview | GitHub | Download