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Entering Letters in the Grid

To enter a letter into a square, navigate to the square and type a letter. The focused word is highlighted in one color, and the focused square is highlighted in a different color. Unless configured otherwise, the focused square will move to the next square in the current word when a letter is typed.

XWord supports entering any printable character1 in a square, including symbols, however certain puzzle formats (such as .puz) only support a limited character set.

Erasing Letters

Rebus Entries

Some puzzles require multiple letters to be entered in a square.

  1. Enter rebus mode by pressing INSERT or ESC, clicking the rebus toolbar icon, or selecting Enter Multiple Letters from the Solution menu.
  2. An expandable text box will appear in which you can type multiple letters.
  3. Press INSERT or ENTER to exit rebus mode (the cursor will become solid again).

For display, rebus entries longer than 4 characters are wrapped and entries longer than 10 characters are truncated. If the mouse is hovered over a rebus entry, a tool tip will pop up and display the entire entry.

Image of filling a rebus entry

Webdings Symbols

Across Lite allows users to enter symbols from the Webdings font. If Webdings is installed, XWord will display these symbols, but it does not support entering Webdings symbols.


Typing an asterisk (*) will toggle a circle in the current square.

  1. A few reserved characters are not allowed to be entered as text: : . [ and * 

Overview | GitHub | Download