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The preferences dialog can be opened from the File menu and contains many sub-categories:

Solving Preferences

The Solving preferences page contains preferences related to grid navigation, solution checking, the timer, and auto saving.

Strict rebus checking


The styles page contains preferences related to visual display. You can use a simple or advanced configuration options.

Simple Styles

The simple settings page has options for global font, text and background color, list and grid highlight colors, as well as text alignment for the metadata panels.

Advanced Styles

The advanced settings page allows you to change nearly every color and font used for display. You can change what information is displayed in metadata panels and the clue prompt (context help is available in the preferences dialog), and the way the grid is presented.

Miscellaneous Preferences

This page contains file history and auto save preferences.

Printing Preferences

This page allows the user to change grid placement, brightness of the black squares (to save ink), and to select fonts to be used for printing.


If Use custom fonts is checked, the following fonts can be changed:

If Use custom fonts is left unchecked, the appropriate values from the font preferences page will be used for printing.

Black square brightness

The scale of black square brightness can be adjusted from 0 (black) to 255 (white).

Overview | GitHub | Download